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Transition To School

For prospective parents with children due to turn five soon

At Ngaio we offer two main components to help your preschool child transition to school happily;  Prospective Parents Information Sessions and the Ngaio School Link Programme.

I would like to invite you to participate in Ngaio School’s transition to school programme, held every Tuesday and referred to as the Link Programme.

The purpose of this programme is to share with you and your child some of the learning experiences that will form part of their daily routine once they begin school. It is designed to promote understanding of expected literacy and numeracy practices. The intention also is to build links between home and school in a non - threatening environment. During these afternoon sessions we will walk around the school, ensuring that it is a familiar environment. You will also have the opportunity to meet Raewyn Watson, the school Principal. Short visits to our new entrant classes will complement this programme.

We value your child’s preschool portfolio and will use this as a catalyst for designing future learning pathways. Therefore, if you would like to share this with me, I’d be pleased to view this.

What do we require of you?

     A parent or caregiver to accompany the child to as many of the Link Programme afternoons as possible. We offer up to four sessions for each child.

     Support with encouraging your child to participate in the activities.

     Free exchanges of information about your child that will help teachers facilitate a smooth transition to school.

     A willingness to network with parents of similar aged children and to enjoy the process!

     To have your child enrolled for Ngaio School before starting the Link Programme.

     To inform Nicki Mitchell in the office of your attendance. or alternatively you could ring: 939 6455


When: Tuesday afternoons 1.30-2.45 p.m.

Where: Report to the school office on arrival

What do you need? Yourself, your nearly five year old, plus a preschool portfolio if you have one.

You can attend up to four sessions, less if your child is due to begin school before that.

New Entrant Stationery Packs are available from the office at a cost of $46.10.  This pack contains all the stationery your child will need for their first year at school.