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Ngaio School Library

Welcome to Ngaio School Library

The library is a nice, bright, inclusive and welcoming space, and students enjoy coming to the library either with their class or by themselves at lunchtime.  We hope that you will enjoy it too!

Opening Hours

The library is open every day from 9am to 2.30pm.  You will usually come once a week with your class to the library and you can then borrow and return books.

The librarys is also open at lunchtimes after you have finished eating lunch.  You can come to the library either to borrow or return books, read books or magazines, play board games, and we also have some ipads available with some fun educational app and interactive books on them.


You are allowed to get two books out at a time,  and you can have them for two weeks.  We expect that everyone treats the libary and its books with respect as this is a great asset for students.  

Library Monitors

Year 5 and 6 students are able to become library monitors.  Library monitors do all the returning and issuing of books at lunchtimes and they can also help to find the books you want.


Library fun

At Ngaio School we love receiving our parcels of books from Gecko Press! Yesterday, birthday girl, Rosa, and friend Emmeline, helped Bernice open the latest parcel.

Room 4 pupils said "It is like 'pass the parcel' with so many layers to unwrap!"
We finished our library session with Bernice reading Waiting for Goliath. We loved the story and were enchanted by the illustrations.
Thank you, Gecko Press!

Library Catalogue

Click HERE to access the Ngaio School library catalogue from school

Click HERE to access the Ngaio School library catalogue from home