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Senior School Arts Rotation

This Year 4 is joining with Tui to participate in an Arts rotation. We do this every Monday afternoon. The children were given options from dance, props/ costume/ wearable arts, drama, choir/ music and visual arts. Every child chose their top three choices.

On Tuesday 11th June, all groups will perform for the parent community in a Senior school arts evening starting at 6pm in Rata. Children need to be in Harakeke by 5.40pm to get ready (invite shown in photos above).

The dance group only will also be performing as part of the Wellington ShowQuest festival on the 17th June.
The props/ costumes/ wearable art group will be helping to create props and costumes for the dance group, but will not be involved in the actual ShowQuest event.

If you are still unsure about any details you can email me at

Drama group costumes- Group 1: Costume is green/black.

Fossil/Dinosaur group
Aden, Evelyn, Adam, Nathan, Luke, Josh , Chloe

Group 2: Costume is black/grey top and red pants/shorts.
Comet Hitting/Explosion
Matthew, Tyler, Finley, Thomas B, Edward M, Ryan

Group 3:Costume is black and scientists are in white.
Dying, fossilising into oil/Scientists exploring fosils
Hannah R, Michaela, Ben B, Jack R, Iyla, Jensen

Group 4: Costume is white/grey and black.
Drilling for oil
Lily F, Fraser, Reed, Henry, Lee, Emily G

Group 5: Costume are individual toy costumes. Please check with your child.
Creating plastics and conveyor belt maufacturing
Florence, Tama, Elouise, Juliet, Sophia M, Tom P

Group 6: Costumes are (drivers wearing white/red and the packages need boxes and dark colour)
Truck and Parcels packaging and delivery NZ/Overseas
Toby, Josh P, Callum, Logan K, Wil S

Group7: Costumes are 2 black/white presents/xmas tree and grandma and grandpa. May need some ribbons.
Opening Packaging/Toys/Food what happens to wrapper?
Sylvie, Stella, Ruby M, Sammy, Alex, Isabella, Chester

Group 8: Costumes are various colours (speak to your child).
The wrapper travels- bin/wind -waste/environment
Mia, Rose, Caitlyn H, Lucy, Callum

Group 9: Costumes are white with bright shoes and green with  blue jacket.
Rubbish from drains into oceans/animals
Sienna, Holly, Isla, Frankie, Hannah

Group 10: Costumes are red/black and black.
Recycling/upcycling group
Sapna, Emily R, Eva, Sophie J, Lauren

Showquest performance- dance group

Children in the dance group will be performing in our senior arts evening in Week 7 next term as well as in Wellington’s Showquest on Monday 17th June at the Opera house.

Things to remember:

- On show day (17th June) we will be with the children at the Opera house for the whole day. We will leave school around 10am and the children will be with us through until 10pm when the show finishes. The children will need to bring enough food and water with them for the whole day. It is also advised that they bring a book or game to entertain them throughout the day. We will let you know the pick up point for the children closer to the day.

- Costumes- All children need to wear plain black pants. The rest of the costume will be provided. Please ask around friends and family before buying any pants.

- Photo permission- The event will be photographed by a ShowQuest photographer whose photos will be uploaded on the ShowQuest Facebook and website in the week following the event. If you do not want your child to be photographed please email me  Please bear in mind this may affect the photograph and video footage we receive for the school.

- Doors open at 6.15pm and the show begins at 7 pm. It is due to finish at 10 pm. Remember to get your tickets at Ticketmaster. Adult tickets are $25, children $12 and a group of 5 is $70. The link for you to purchase tickets  is attached here:

- The children performing will be at the venue for the whole day with us and will not need a ticket.


General Arts info

At Ngaio, students are provided with a range of experiences across the four areas that make up the Arts:

- Visual Art

- Music

- Drama

- Dance

Opportunities are provided within classes, across syndicates and school wide.

The school choir practices weekly and performs every second year at the Michael Fowler Centre as part of the Artsplash Festival. We also submit visual art in the Artsplash exhibition every second year.

In previous years we have participated in Artsplash Drama and Dance for which students write scripts, choreograph, design sets, select music and help to plan and create costumes.

Art Attack is a school wide event where students are grouped either across syndicates or the school and given an area of the school to ‘attack’ with their visual art. This provides the opportunity for students and teachers to collaborate on a project. This year we kept The Legend of Ngaio theme and each group designed up a storm.

Guitar/Ukulele Clubs run on Tuesday and Wednesday at lunchtime in the Rata classroom. Beginner guitar and ukulele is available for anyone to join (guitarists need to provide their own guitars). Intermediate is for children who can already play a few chords confidently.

Band takes place on Friday at lunchtimes in Room 13, this is an orchestra and children are expected to have some experience on their knowledge and be able to read music notation to a certain level.

Every Friday afternoon our Kapa haka group, led by Matua Alwyn, meets together to practice new songs and actions. There are also extra sessions at lunchtimes available for those who want to practice with poi.