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Discovery Time

Discovery Time happens once a week in every Kowhai classroom. Teachers provide a variety of opportunities that extend students’ experiences across the curriculum.  Each term, there is a different curriculum focus.

Activities include: construction, technology, arts, crafts, manipulation, scientific experiments and observations. Additionally, students are provided with activities that promote the development of fine and gross motor skills. Teachers work alongside students to encourage social skills.    

Parents are welcome to assist classroom teachers. Please contact your child’s teacher to register your interest.  

In Discovery Time for Kowhai Syndicate this means:

a. Accessing NZC learning areas (Health, Science, Technology, Social Studies, The Arts) and ensuring that there is a balance of opportunities provided from all learning areas.

b. Discovery Time is a vehicle for developing key competencies and values.

c. It is a time for observing and gathering formative assessment of students’ strengths and areas for development including social interactions.

d. It is a time for providing quality feedback that helps scaffold and extend students’ learning.

e. It is a time to explore and develop curiosity.