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Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Years 0- 3:  We support our learning in the junior school through the use of iPads and computers. Digital learning is integrated into all areas of the curriculum as students move through the junior school.

Year 4-6: Students are introduced to using Google Apps for Education. They develop their skills in using online documents, slides, and forms. Students are able to share and comment on blogs. They use a range of digital tools such as laptops, chromebooks and iPads. Digital learning is integrated into all curriculum areas.

Click here to view the presentation from the the Digital Technologies Community evening we held on 12th September 2018



We are proud to announce that we have joined the Netsafe Schools Programme and are now officially a Netsafe School. Being a Netsafe School means that we have practices in place that show our commitment to planning for online safety, and that our practices are supported by New Zealand’s online safety organisation, Netsafe.
Find out more about Netsafe Schools here

Click here to view the Netsafe 1 page fact sheet for parents from the presentation on 13th March 2019. The full presentation can be found at the bottom of this page.


All children sign a cyber-safety agreement and are involved in a cyber-safety programme.


Children in Year 4-6 can apply to be a MacAttack Leader. MacAttack is run once a week at lunchtime. At MacAttack they learn to be experts in Google Apps for Education, apps on the iPads, blogging and cyber-safety. They share their knowledge with their class, teachers and a buddy class.

Mobile Journalists

We have a team of Year 5 & 6 mobile journalists who cover school events such as class trips and sporting and cultural events. The completed movie is loaded onto the website on the day that it is produced.


All classes have a class blog that they use to share their learning with their peers and the community. At the junior level these are updated by the classroom teacher (with student input) and as they get older the students begin to run the blogs themselves. You will find links to the blogs on the syndicate pages of the website.

The school library, Green team, and Clinic, each have their own blog as well that they update regularly with what is going on.