Ngaio School

Our Place to Learn

Learning at Ngaio

The school has developed systems to ensure children are supported so that they can achieve their potential in a holistic sense. Classes work closely together both as part of a syndicate and across the school.

There is a strong commitment to teaching the New Zealand Curriculum in its broadest sense. Children's progress in literacy and mathematics is closely monitored and additional support is provided for those who require it. Opportunities are provided for those who excel.

Ngaio School has a strong commitment to providing as broad an education as possible. There are regular visits to the local public library, visiting performers entertain the children, and class and syndicate trips are held to places with a connection to their inquiry learning and for learning about cultural events. Physical fitness and activity is seen as an important element of our learning programmes. There are many sports teams in a variety of sports codes. Students in Years 4-6 compete to participate in inter-school and inter-zone sports activities.

The school values education in the arts. Music classes are provided as part of the lunchtime activities programme and there is private keyboard tuition available during school time.