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Learning is a progression and in Pohutukawa we build on from the valuable learning that has taken place in Year 1.  Our students are now familiar with school life, therefore they are able to take a greater ownership of their learning.  As Year 2s, they are beginning to transfer their knowledge across a variety of curriculum areas. We continue to build on the students' understanding of inquiry in preparation for their journey into Year 3. 

Class Blogs

These blogs have been created to share our learning journey with our friends and families. This is an engaging and interactive way for children to share their learning experiences and it is a great talking point for those children who ‘can’t remember’ what they did at school. You are welcome to leave comments or ask questions as this will inspire our children to continue their great learning. Please note that full names will not be used on the blog and all comments will be moderated by the teacher before being published.

Ruma 15 - Year 2

Ruma 16 - Year 2

Ruma 17 - Year 2