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Kakapo Syndicate consists of students in Years 3 & 4, and these are important learning years for bridging between the junior and senior levels of the school. Learning in Kakapo retains a strong focus on the foundation learning areas of literacy and numeracy, whilst also developing students' knowledge and skills within the Ngaio School Inquiry Model. The relational Key Competencies of Managing Self, Participating with Others and Relating to Others are interwoven through all learning opportunities.

Class Blogs

These blogs have been created to share our learning journey with our friends and families. This is an engaging and interactive way for children to share their learning experiences and it is a great talking point for those children who ‘can’t remember’ what they did at school. You are welcome to leave comments or ask questions as this will inspire our children to continue their great learning. Please note that full names will not be used on the blog and all comments will be moderated by the teacher before being published.


Ruma 10 - Year 3

Ruma 12 - Year 3

Ruma 8 - Year 4

Ruma 6 - Year 4