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Mini Ball at Ngaio School


Season begins: TBC for 2020. Each term is a new season but teams generally roll over across Terms 3 and 4.


Season ends: End of each term


Ages of children: Two grades Year 3-4 and Year 5-6

Day/times of games:

Y3-4 play on Mondays and Y5-6 play on Tuesdays. Games take place between 3:15 and 5:15pm


Venue for games: Nairnville Recreation Centre


Number of games: Usually about 8-10 depending on the length of the term


Day/times of practices: varies according to availability of coaches


Venue for practices: Ngaio School basketball court


Uniform/equipment: Ngaio Sports Uniform can be purchased at NZ Uniforms Thorndon or online at


Selections: At the discretion of the coordinator. Teams are a mix of girls and boys. Preferences and friendships will be taken into account.


More information:

Fees for 2020

$60 for miniball in Term 2 and 3

Miniball is played with 6 players on at each time, you will need 8 players in a squad as it is a pretty intense game fitness wise for the children. The court is smaller and hoops lower than adult basketball. Most basketball rules are similar, except the children wear bands and they have to mark their opposing band player.