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How to Play Catch A Cone

How to play Catch-a-Cone

Set up
First you choose a cone guarder and three defenders.  You also need to set up a field with a half way.  You need to set up a hoop with 3 cones in it ( this is what the cone guard defends). You also need to have attackers who try to steal the opponent’s cones .  Both sides must have all this.

When you enter the opponents half you can get tagged. If you do you must sit down. Another player can come and save you  ( they must be from the tagged person’s team).  If you are the cone guard you cannot leave your hoop but your defenders can.  Your attackers try to steal the opponent’s cones.  If you get a cone to your half, put it in your hoop.  If you get tagged with a cone sit down, and give the cone to the person who tagged you; they put it back in their hoop.

Fair play
The most important rules in Catch-a-cone are
If you get tagged you must sit down
If you save someone and get a cone and save someone you are cheating
When you tag someone you cannot hit them
When you are tagged go back to the spot you were tagged to sit down
You cannot stand next to a tagged person, this is called goosy guarding