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There are lots of different ways you can begin the enrolment process with Ngaio School. The outline below is for the most common, and most complete process. Each stage is described in detail following the list.

It helps everyone to get early notice of the enrolment.  The school can then be well prepared for your child's start here, and your child and whole family will have had a chance to learn a bit about school beforehand.

If you have moved to the area and have a child already of school age, please contact us today to talk about your needs:

Contact Us:

(04) 939 6455

Check the Enrolment Zone page for the limits of our zone. Due to roll pressure, Ngaio School is unfortunately unable to accept any children from homes outside that set area.

The standard enrolment process - for children who are turning five

1. Contact the school office to say you're intending to enrol a child - as early as you like.

2. Book for a 'Parent Information' session: for parents and caregivers.  Please come to the office ready for a 1.40pm start. 

3. Collect an enrolment pack from the school office.

4. Complete the enrolment form and locate supporting documents and deliver to school - at least eight weeks before the likely start date as this allows us to put everything in place.

5. Join the  Link transition to school programme (with your child) - for two weeks before the start date. The office will advise you of the Link dates.

6. Purchase a starter stationery kit (eftpos is available in the school office). Buy a 'sunsmart' hat if your child doesn't already have one - the cost is $20.00.

7. Start school on the agreed day! 

1. Early Notice

We are pleased to hear from any families and whanau thinking of enrolling at Ngaio School. The earlier we learn of likely new children, the better we can plan and be ready to support your child's start at school.

Ngaio School liaises closely with many preschool centres about prospective enrolments, however we are always happy to hear directly from parents.

Contact the school office: 04 939 6455 or email us on

2. Enrolment Packs

You can call into school anytime to collect an enrolment pack from our school office. The easiest access to the office is from Abbott Street or from Colway Street.

The pack includes all enrolment documentation.

3. Parent Information Seminars

We hold these each term, aimed at the parents/caregivers of children likely to start school in the next term or so. Please let the office know you are coming.

The information seminars are publicised through invitations sent to preschools, in newsletters, and on the website.

For more detailed information, see Transition to School.

4. Enrolment Forms

You need to formally enrol at least eight weeks before the planned start date for your child. This is eight weeks of school term time- so don't count any school holidays.

It is helpful to provide the supporting documents at the same time, as outlined in the Enrolment Pack.

5. Link Programme

This is Ngaio School's Transition to School Programme. Generally, children attend a Link session one afternoon a week for the two weeks before they actually start school. Sometimes additional visits are arranged after discussions with our school SENCO or Deputy Principal. Parents/caregivers attend with the child. It gives everyone a chance to get to know each other and how school works in a friendly context. You and your child will also have a meeting with the Principal before his/her first full day at school.

The Link Programme currently runs on Tuesdays, from 1.30pm to 2.45pm. You need to book to attend - dates for this and to meet the Principal are settled when you bring in an enrolment form. See Link Programme.

6. Stationery starter kits and 'sunsmart' hats

You can buy a stationery starter kit at the school office, which provides everything a new entrant needs for the classroom. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or EFTPOS. Alternatively you can pick up a list of stationery items to purchase.

You can also buy hats at the office (the cost is $20.00) that meet the school requirements for sun protection. 'Sunsmart' hats are compulsory in the summer months (Terms 1 and 4) - as set by the Board of Trustees in our Shade Policy.

It is fine for you to supply your own child's hat, but it has to meet these specifications

Source:  SunSmart Schools:  Hat Guidelines for Schools

         These hats are:

  • Brimmed (or has long side and back flaps) to shade the face, nose, neck and ears
  • Made from a tightly woven fabric
  • Comfortable – cool, but firm around the head to stay on in the wind

         The Cancer Society and many retailers sell a variety of hats that comply with these SunSmart specifications.

The only other dress requirement is that your child wears suitable footwear for outdoor activities, so no jandals.

We do recommend that everything is named.