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The National Administration Guidelines (NAGs) are "statements of desirable principles of conduct or administration for specified personnel or bodies". They set out the central principles of school operation in New Zealand, and guide the Board of Trustees and the staff in everything we do. The NAGs are shown here in full as our foundation policy document. Ngaio School's specific policies are shown in our downloadable 'Policy and Procedure Manual'. See also the schedule for reviewing those policies.

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The Board of Trustees has decided to amend the Shade Policy to make wearing a “SunSmart hat” compulsory in the summer months (Terms 1 and 4). All hats worn at school will need to comply with the following specifications:

Source:  SunSmart Schools:  Hat Guidelines for Schools

         These hats are:

  • Brimmed (or has long side and back flaps) to shade the face, nose, neck and ears
  • Made from a tightly woven fabric
  • Comfortable – cool, but firm around the head to stay on in the wind

         The Cancer Society and many retailers sell a variety of hats that comply with these SunSmart specifications.