Ngaio School

Our Place to Learn

Board of Trustees

Our People
The Ngaio School Board of Trustees consists of 5 elected parent representatives, the school Principal and a staff representative.   Elections are held once every three years and the last election was held in June 2016

Board Chair and parent representative - Estelle Jaine

Principal - Raewyn Watson

Parent Representatives - Clinton Geeves, Christian Hawkesby, Mark Palmer, Sarah Sims

Staff Representative - Sarah Smart

Board Administrator - Helen Shields

Our Role
The Board of Trustees is responsible for the Governance of Ngaio School.  Boards of trustees work in partnership with communities, principals, teachers and the government to ensure the best possible education outcomes for all students.  The functions of the Board include:

- establishing the purpose and aims of the school, as set out in the school Charter
- setting priorities and goals for the improvement of learning in the school
- approving allocation of resources to ensure the best outcomes for our students
- reporting to both the school community and the government

For more information on the roles and responsibilities of Boards, please refer to the Ministry of Education website at   In particular, there is a very useful document on the role and responsibilities of Boards and Board members entitled "Working in Partnerships"

Our Meetings
The Board of Trustees generally meets on the third Thursday of every month at 7pm in the staff room.   These meetings are public meetings and everyone is welcome.  In 2020 there will be no board meeting in March or July.

Contacting the Board
Members of the school community are always welcome to contact the Board.   The easiest way to do this is via email to the Board Chair, Estelle Jaine - Correspondence to the Board should be addressed to the Chair.  However please note that that issues of concern relating to specific children or school staff should always be raised in the first instance with those most directly involved, and with school management.