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The Respect Launch


As part of our recent "Ngaio School Values Launch", we placed a strong emphasis on the value of respect. Teachers, key members of the Ngaio community along with student leaders all contributed their thoughts and opinions about what respect means to them. 

Here is the speech that Finn McKenzie (Year 6 Student Leader, 2015) shared with us on the evening. 


Pronounced [ri-spekt]


Esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability. If you hadn’t guessed already, that was the textbook definition.

Respect is widely regarded as one of the best values a person can have. Respect envelops a lot of other qualities such as kindness and empathy and I believe that having and showing respect can definitely mean that it will make life easier later on.

I think a massive part of respect is being kind, friendly, helpful and caring. You can take the lead in everything you do and organise people efficiently and tell others what and what not to do but for me none of those things will ever mean respect without kindness. Being kind is giving others flexibility in what they do and letting them think for themselves, as well as doing those nice little things for others. Those things are what I wish for all the time and if I get one it absoulutely makes my day.

Next on my list, empathy. In a nutshell, empathy is thinking about how other people are feeling and then relating to how they are feeling by taking pieces from your own past experience. I think empathy relates in lots of ways to kindness, in particular caring for other people. You know if people care for you a lot if they voice their empathy and it definitely makes me feel better when somebody tells me some of their past experiences.

Lucky last. I don’t really know how to say this in one word so I’ll say it with the same words I thought it up with. Knowing and accepting other people’s differences. A lot of people find this hard to do and find themselves saying or thinking negative things about different people. I myself don’t really think of people different from me as different, rather unique. I find uniqueness is more often associated with good qualities as opposed to different. This part of respect for me is definitely one of the most important parts, partially because it takes a very strong-minded person to fully lock in this quality. One thing that I really enjoy thinking about is this: It doesn’t matter what you look like, what you believe, what ethnicity you are, because at the end of the day, where are all human.

So that’s it from me. Respect. By Finn McKenzie.
This speech was written by Alex Brown (Year 6 Student Council Representative, 2016)


Respect To Me

By Alex Brown

I believe that respect can be shown in many different ways and we can find ways to practice showing respect many times in everyday life - at school and at home. Respect could be shown in a person's attitude, actions or work.

Different Ways of Showing Respect

A really important way of showing respect is listening without interrupting when someone is speaking or providing an idea. Sometimes this is hard and you want to jump in and offer your opinion, but it’s better to wait until they have finished speaking.

Another way of showing respect is to say thank you when someone has done something nice for you.  My sister and I have to write thank you cards or letters for any Christmas or birthday presents we get.  Turning up on time and doing what you say you will are great ways of showing respect - this is particularly important when you’re part of a team who are relying on you to be there at a certain time.Respecting others abilities is important and congratulating them when they do well - like when we are playing netball and someone gets a goal.  It’s always nice to respect others opinions and choices, and encouraging them through them.

Most important of all - you need to respect yourself.


This speech is by Laila Patchett (Year 6, Student Council Representative, 2016)


Hi I’m Laila and I’m one of the student councillors here at ngaio school.

Tonight we are at a gathering organised by our wonderful teachers at this great school and I would like to acknowledge all the work that has been put into this event. I would especially like acknowledge all the work done by the pta,Amanda, Mr Mackie( Our host) and Jordyn our photographer. Please give all of them a big hand.

This evening is about the launch of our values at this school. We are a fabulous school with a great community feel and we are always trying to enhance that.

The values are key competencies that we would like to  have in our school. These are things like Curiosity, Resilience, respect, integrity, excellence and belonging.

The first value we have selected is Respect.

If you show respect to your fellow learners and teachers you will get to know each other a lot better. A good relationship between pupil and teacher can help everyone's learning.

Also If you show respect to others you will get respect back and that will lead to an all round happier community.

As you probably all know, all schools have some children that are sometimes not on their best behavior. But what you choose to do to deal with it is a different matter.  Some schools would choose to punish those children, but that is where Ngaio school is different. We choose to remind kids about respecting other people and in my opinion that is much more effective than punishment.

Respect is about accepting other people and treating them how you would like to be treated.  As Dr Seuss said “ A person is a person, no matter how small.”

I hope you all have enjoyed this evening and have had a great time.

Thank you