Ngaio School

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The Arts

At Ngaio, students are provided with a range of experiences across the four areas that make up the Arts:

- Visual Art

- Music

- Drama

- Dance

Opportunities are provided within classes, across syndicates and school wide.

At the end of Term 2 we had our first music concert.

We participate in ‘J Rock’ every second year. This year our students came up with the theme of The Legend of Ngaio. All children from Year 4 and up had the chance to submit their ideas for the legend and then we combined them to make our story.

J Rock 2015

The school choir practices weekly and performs every second year at the Michael Fowler Centre as part of the Artsplash Festival. We also submit visual art in the Artsplash exhibition every second year.

In previous years we have participated in Artsplash Drama and Dance for which students write scripts, choreograph, design sets, select music and help to plan and create costumes.

Art Attack is a school wide event where students are grouped either across syndicates or the school and given an area of the school to ‘attack’ with their visual art. This provides the opportunity for students and teachers to collaborate on a project. This year we kept The Legend of Ngaio theme and each group designed up a storm.

Band takes place on a Monday lunchtime. Children have the opportunity to practice their chosen instrument and work as a team to perform new songs. Guitar group meets on a Tuesday lunchtime. Beginners are welcome, as are students who have played before.

Every Friday afternoon our Kapa haka group, led by Matua Alwyn, meets together to practice new songs and actions. There are also extra sessions at lunchtimes available for those who want to practice with poi.