Ngaio School

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Asian Partnerships

Ngaio School values different cultures. 

We celebrate different cultures during the annual International Week in September. We enjoy trying new food, costumes and cultural performances. We invite parents and experts from the community to share their cultural knowledge and experiences with us.

Equipping your child to thrive in the Asian century from Asia New Zealand Foundation on Vimeo.

Some quotes from our students

“I really enjoy International Day because we get to try foods from different countries and we get to learn about cultures around the world.” Orla

“I love learning about countries and their culture. I went to the Clinic for the International Day and it was cool because you could choose from a variety of cultural activities.” Zach

“Having International day is important because we learn about different countries and I enjoy trying new food and meeting new people. I really want to go to performances this year.” Angelyne